• Venetian Lives - Brendan Gisby - Book Cover
    Contemporary,  Fiction

    Novella | Venetian Lives – Brendan Gisby

    Come with me to beautiful Venice, the city of culture and love! But wait.. wouldn’t you like to know about the people living in Venice? The ones who belong to the city of over a hundred islands and as many canals? The ones who hurriedly pass the Piazza San Marco, packed with tourists, and disappear? Follow me and enter Brendan Gisby’s Venetian Lives… Introduction This novella contains four short stories about Venice but instead of focusing on the city’s beauty and gorgeous buildings, Brendan Gisby shows us the world of the city’s residents and their Venetian Lives, that takes place beyond tourists’ favourites as the Piazza San Marco and its…

  • Judge Walden Back in Session - Peter Murphy - Book Cover

    Judge Walden Back in Session – Peter Murphy

    Judge Charles Walden resides at Bermondsey Crown Court and in this second book in the Walden of Bermondsey series, he presents us with five cases – and so much more! From his copious and many dinners with his spouse, invariably mentioned as ‘the Reverent Mrs Walden’, to the inner court dealings and the ‘Grey Smoothies’ in this humorous, sometimes sarcastic, but always informative as to the depths of human nature, insightful and delicious book! Introduction Walden of Bermondsey #2 Bermondsey, the London-based town, has its own court with Judge Charles Walden in residence. With our beloved judge, what can go wrong? Apparently, quite a number of things. The five cases…

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    Author Branding

    Creating an author brand is the perfect way for you to present yourself to your readership and to build a following. Your brand is your authenticity – your voice – your identity as an author. Stay true to yourself, your writings, and to who you are. Writing your novel can be difficult, hard and extremely demanding. Turning your inspiration, passion and creativeness into words, into chapters, into a complete book. Yes! You did it! You wrote a book! Now let the publishers come – let the readers find your work – you just know it will blow them away. But then, the journey only begins. It is a frustrating one…

  • Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    No Remorse – Robert Crouch

    No Remorse is the third instalment in the engrossing Kent Fisher Mysteries series and I love it! Our Environmental Health Officer has trouble focussing as his beloved Gemma is now engaged to Richard and a secret unravels abhorrent actions from the past, exposing not only Kent but those dear to him, to dangerous situations… Introduction  An old man in Nightingales, a home for the elderly tells Kent ‘they’ want to kill him because ‘they’ know who he is – but they will never know his secret. Before Kent can ask any further, he is whisked away by the stern manager, Miss Rudolf, who has no time for nonsense and whilst…

  • The Millin Dollar Duchesses - Julie Ferry - Book Cover
    Historical,  Non-Fiction

    The Million Dollar Duchesses – Julie Ferry

    The Million Dollar Duchesses offers the reader fascinating insights into the lives of American heiresses, eager to marry into the British aristocracy. With names we all recognise as Churchill, Cunard, Astor, and Vanderbilt, this book shows us how these marriages were arranged and how, in the end, only a few of these marriages were happy, based upon love and respect.  Introduction  Set in 1895, this is a description of the life of the New York society matron, Marietta Stevens, and her daughter, Minnie Paget, accomplished society hostesses very successful in bringing American heiresses in contact with eligible British bachelors – eligible in the sense that above anything, a title was…

  • I Am... Ceartas Advocacy Creative Writing Group Book Cover

    I Am… – Ceartas Creative Writing Group

    I Am… absolutely thrilled and honoured to be part of raising awareness for independent Advocacy by taking part in the book blog tour for I AM…. An interesting, enlightening, and touching Anthology, a bundle of stories and poems by members of the Ceartas Creative Writing Group under the inspiring and motivating guidance of Ceartas’ writer in residence, Donna Moore. Introduction ‘Raising awareness of Independent Advocacy by giving individuals a voice’ Ceartas Advocacy Ceartas Advocacy is a marvellous institution providing Independent Advocacy to adults by prioritising working with those who have particular support needs. Ceartas Advocacy is a member of the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance. The introduction to this remarkable book…

  • Pressure - Betsy Reavley - book Cover
    Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    Pressure – Betsy Reavley

    The chance of a lifetime – a unique opportunity for all involved to create a film aboard a submarine turns into a nightmare as the sub sinks. And then a murder takes place… This is what Betsy Reavley’s gruesome and chilling thriller is all about: Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’ five times scarier… Introduction The Pica Explorer is the submarine where it will all happen: a chance to stand in the spotlights once again – and for the first time as an actor, a chance for the captain and his crew to earn a bit of money and to be part of a unique project, and last but…

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    Author Interviews & Guest Posts

    Interview | L. J. Morris

     Author L.J. Morris’ debut novel DESPERATE GROUND is a raw, violent thriller that leaves nothing to the imagination but instead, paints vivid pictures of the viciousness of the world, Ali Sinclair finds herself in… Find out more about the book and the man behind the story, author L.J. Morris in this Author Interview! Desperate Ground  When the secrecy of a nuclear weapon agreement is thrown into doubt, a disgraced intelligence operative is recruited to find out if the deal is still safe… Ali Sinclair, wrongly convicted and on the run from a Mexican prison, is enlisted to infiltrate her old friend’s inner circle and find the evidence. The only people…