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I am Caroline Vincent, a passionate book blogger who loves writing book reviews and being part of our awesome bookish world. When I started my blog to share my love for books by writing reviews, I was thrilled to discover new authors and the bookish community. A whole new world opened up, the world of books, and I just love it! That is why I want to explore other ways to help authors with regards to Social Media and creating an audience for their books.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand
– Neil Gaiman –

To hold your manuscript in your hands and to publish your own book – an author’s dream!

Do you have a book to be published in the coming months? A re-release of an existing book, for instance with a new cover and/or publisher? Or are you celebrating your book-birthday? Congratulations!

Or perhaps you want to move forward with your social media profile(s) and enhance your online presence? Create an author profile and get your books covers out there for everyone to admire?

That is where I come in

Most authors are so focused on their writing and the book they are creating that they are unaware of (the strength of) social media. For instance, there are still a few authors out there (you, perhaps?) who do not have a Twitter account.

Also, many authors struggle with Facebook – how personal is it and how to establish a relationship with your readers? A Facebook Author Page is a great start for this and I always advise authors to go ahead and create it.

Do you have a book waiting to be published and would love to have it launched with a blog tour? I can help you! I organise blog tours for (indie) authors and, before the blog tour starts, I check your social media profile and give, if you like, a few tips.

Are you interested?

Why not contact me and see if we can work together?!

One more thing…

A blog tour gives extra attention to a book for a short period of time (from one week to about a month) in which your book is buzzing all over social media. I am very much on top of a tour I organise – for more information, just send me an email. But .. a blog tour can only succeed if we work together – if you, the author, invest a bit of your time during a tour in order to enhance the public’s attention for your book.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me at so I can give you more specific details.
I’d love to hear from you!

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