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Bits about Books now also offers book cover designs – from £100 for a ‘basic’ cover inclusive 2 edits to c
ustom-made covers with 2 mockups/sketches to choose from –  inclusive 4 edits – from £500.

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**Portfolio in progress**

£ 25
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Caroline and her team of professionals provide services in the field of author assistance (personal/virtual), publishing, publicity & social media services such as cover & graphics design, text formatting, (copy-)editing and proofreading, as well as brand and community management. 

Her aim is to ensure authors attain excellent publicity by providing services to (independently) published authors, to offer guidance, consulting, and marketing support.

Her goals are to:

  1. Help authors gain publicity by providing
    * a platform to showcase their books
    * guidance, consulting and support with marketing
  2. Assist authors to find and create their own unique brand
  3. Enhance authors’ online visibility
  4. Design launch strategies for new publications to reach a high level of exposure
  5. Edit your book to professional standards
  6. Provide a complete – stress-free – process of independent publishing. 

Above all, Caroline loves enabling authors to focus on what they do best … write!

To achieve these goals, Caroline & her team offer: 

  • A complete package for your road to publishing. You write the book – we do the rest.

  • Cover design – both for ebook & paperback

  • Assistance in creating and maintaining high Social Media visibility
  • Collaboration with authors to create and improve their author brand which includes
    a bespoke social media style guide
     support and advice on authors’ profiles on platforms such as Amazon and GoodReads
  • Book blog tours and help authors to identify bloggers/reviewers
  • Advice on other miscellaneous issues, from blurbs to author biographies, and how and where they interact with readers and the online book community

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