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    EU Copyright Directive

    #PublishingNews #EU #CopyrightDirective Author Update With the passing of the draft law on Copyright Directive, the EU Parliament have taken a step in the right direction even if there is still room for improvement. When this directive becomes law, it will provide authors with more transparency and better insight into their books’ profits and sales. At the same time, social media sites like Facebook and YouTube are obliged to take responsibility for what is shared on and through their channels. Intellectual copyright 2.0 – a step in the right direction! “The draft law, which was put together to modernise copyright for the digital age and will force platforms such as…

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    Author Branding

    Creating an author brand is the perfect way for you to present yourself to your readership and to build a following. Your brand is your authenticity – your voice – your identity as an author. Stay true to yourself, your writings, and to who you are. Writing your novel can be difficult, hard and extremely demanding. Turning your inspiration, passion and creativeness into words, into chapters, into a complete book. Yes! You did it! You wrote a book! Now let the publishers come – let the readers find your work – you just know it will blow them away. But then, the journey only begins. It is a frustrating one…

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    Building a Readership

      “The best thing about writing fiction is that moment where the story catches fire and comes to life on the page, and suddenly it all makes sense and you know what it’s about and why you’re doing it and what these people are saying and doing, and you get to feel like both the creator and the audience. Everything is suddenly both obvious and surprising… and it’s magic and wonderful and strange.” –Neil Gaiman To me, as a reader, this is what reading and writing is all about – to be drawn into books and to be able to connect with authors – feel their inspiration in each of the stories…

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    Don’t Take it Personally

    A recent book I read made me ponder about how we perceive things, situations. How we can be totally wrong in doing so. And how this, sadly, causes rifts between people all because we could not address the issue but took it too personally… Why is it that we rather walk away than talk? Why is it we form immediate opinions where we tell others to wait and think before judging? Are we hypocrites in doing so? My own recent behaviour made me think and this morning, a light bulb (finally!) burst in my head: we can act like rational human beings but look into your own heart and you…

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      Last week I openly talked about my goal for 2018 and there were so many positive reactions (even a few exciting propositions!) that I want to shout out to everyone to not be afraid in sharing your dreams and goals. It might be scary to be vulnerable but how else will people know what your dreams are and what you strive for most? Be vulnerable – show confidence in yourself! Showing who you are is vulnerability – and doing so you show courage, strength and confidence. For me, I felt vulnerable in saying what I want in life – and it felt good, even courageous, to share it regardless…

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    The Rose

    Let your heart dance, Your dream become a chance Your soul a beauty to behold Your life full of stories to be told Dare to live ❤ Happy New Year! May your dreams come true – may you have a happy and healthy 2018 filled with love, laughter and joy! To start 2018 with something new and encouraged by a lovely author and the positive responses on the quotes I share on Instagram, I expand my website by regularly writing inspirational blog posts. To inspire, to motivate and to make you happy with who you are – to live the dream and love your life. A name for this feature…

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    *Christmas 2017*

    Now Christmas is before us and the end of the year is nigh, I want to express my gratitude to all of you in our bookish world for connecting, for your friendship and inspiration, for being there. I have read and reviewed many wonderful (new) books, have found new authors to read and to connect with but foremost, I must extend an apology to those authors, whose books have not been reviewed yet although they have been on my list for quite some time. I realise I have let you down. I can only tell you I am sorry – your books are on my list and will be read.…

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    Book Post | Seas of Snow – Kerensa Jennings

    Beautiful book post and a shared feeling of the love for books and poetry is sometimes all it takes to make new connections in our awesome bookish world  Our Bookish World  Let me first say, this is what drew me into the book and why I felt I just had to read and review it: “Seas of Snow is the tale of Gracie Scott who becomes fascinated by the work of poet Rainer Maria Rilke and delights in his word for guidance and succour.  Her life in post-war Newcastle and her friendship with childhood friend Billy seems idyllic.  But when her psychopathic uncle Joe enters her life will poetry and friendship be…

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    First Day of Spring 2017

      Have a relaxing Friday and a wonderful weekend ahead – enjoy the first days of Spring, sit outside with a coffee and dive into a good book! Good day to you all from the sunny Netherlands. Despite the cold night, it feels like the first day of Spring. I think I’ll sit outside for a coffee for the first time in 2017! Have a lovely Friday, don’t overdo it, work slowly towards the weekend. Speaking of, have you decided your weekend reads yet? Only recently I finished David Videcette’s intriguing crime thriller ‘The Theseus Paradox’, based on the London bombings of 2005 during that Summer of terror. Having been a…

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    Caroline on LinkedIn

      Caroline Vincent is now on LinkedIn to connect with bloggers and reviewers, authors and publishers, editors and proofreaders in our awesome #bookishworld    It’s Friday afternoon, almost weekend! I hope you have a great one! Here in Europe, the temperatures are somewhat rising – a promise of spring hanging in the air! Yesterday, I tried to set up a LinkedIn account – and before I knew it, I had sent out requests to connect to lots of people! Before I knew it, LinkedIn took over all my contacts from, amongst others, my email addresses and more. Apologies for that! In hindsight, that was not such a good idea especially…