Two murdered bodies are found in a Dartmoor bog and five teenagers are hospitalised due to a faulty party drug. Time for DI Hellier and his team to act! 

| Introduction |

Detective Hellier #2

This is Bernie Steadman’s second book in the ‘Detective Hellier Series’ and it’s rapidly becoming one of my favourite detective series! You can perfectly read it as a stand-alone, however, I feel having read the first book is not only insightful, but it also enhances the feeling of reconnecting with old friends. DI Dan Hellier is now fully accepted and respected by his team. Together with his right hand, DS Sally Ellis, and colleagues as DC Sam Knowles and DC Lizzy Singh, they are a formidable team! Follow me and find out what’s up!

| Storyline |

DI Hellier, whose foot still is not fully healed from having a car run over it in the first book of the series, struggles to keep DC Adam Foster under control, a new, very eager member of his team who has to learn the ropes yet. He must be able to rely on Foster because of the discovery of two bodies in a Dartmoor bog. Time to call in Dr Neil Pargeter from the University Archeology Department because it will be a challenging task to identify the bodies since the heads and hands have been removed from both bodies, which could have been lying there perhaps for fifteen years. For establishing a timeframe, the pathologist is happy to work with the archaeologist Pargeter who can also give insight into the state of the bones, thus helping the process of identifying the victims. As Hellier and Pargeter connect, Pargeter becomes the first friend Hellier has in Exeter, next to his girlfriend Claire, of course. However, something terrible happens that will put the team under enormous pressure: at a party, five teenagers become sick after taking a party drug called ‘MCat.’

TThe youngsters are taken to hospital but two of them, 15-year-olds Ryan and Lee, are in a critical condition and Ryan dies of the party drug ‘MCat.’ This is the more hazardous because youngsters taking a party drug they think (or want to believe) is legal do not realise the consequences of taking illegal drugs. Hellier needs to take action quickly because the community is in an uproar and there is a conceivable danger of parents and families seeking revenge but foremost in Hellier’s mind is the prospect of more youngsters taking bad ‘MCat’. The detective team have now two cases to work on, both demanding: the identity of the bog murder victims is difficult to establish and somehow, the drug case becomes very personal for Dan Hellier. Follow DI Dan Hellier and his team as they leave no stone unturned to catch the murderer of the bog bodies and find the culprits responsible for supplying youngsters with illegal and lethal drugs.

| My Thoughts |

I enjoyed meeting the detective team again, especially finding DI Dan Hellier much more confident in his role as their head and seeing him accepted by his team as such. Love how he is settling in Exeter. It’s a pleasure to see how the various team members interact and cooperate, most of the time that is. What I especially love about B.A. (Bernie) Steadman’s detective series is the pleasant pace of the crime thriller and the fact that the plot is intertwined with the personal lives of the main characters. Can recommend this detective series!

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| About the Author |

BA Steadman Author Image

B.A. (Bernie) Steadman taught Literature for many years and completed her debut crime novel, ‘Death and Deception’, when she finally escaped the classroom and could stop marking essays. These days she writes, walks, bends a bit in yoga and sings a bit in a choir. The emphasis is firmly on the creative, although people who have been subjected to her attempts at knitting may feel she has strayed from the path somewhat. Her innate leaning towards the world of crime, at least in the literary sense, made it her chosen genre when she sat down to write. She plans further novels involving DI Dan Hellier and his team, and has completed the first draft of a YA thriller, By Fire and By Water.

| Book Info |

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  Format   Kindle ebook
 Ebook   760 kb (260 pages)
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (9 Dec. 2016)
 Language  English


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