*CSI Eddie Collins Short Story*

When CSI Eddie Collins finds himself once again outside working a scene, he has a queasy feeling of being watched. If only he had paid attention …  

| Introduction |

CSI Eddie Collins is working a scene during a rainy night whilst being watched by a few drunken bystanders. He has a creepy feeling that apart from these men there is someone else watching him, but as nothing seems out of the ordinary he shrugs it off and works on. Although Eddie cannot put a name to the face of the butchered male he feels sure he has seen him before. To make matters worse, Detective Sergeant Trafford aka ‘Dibble’ (as Eddie likes to call him) orders Eddie to “lock the scene down.” Knowing Eddie Collins, following a direct order is not his strongest point, even less so when it goes against his professionality as a CSI.

| Storyline |

Eddie Collins is a superb CSI who excels at his job. He safeguards the crime scenes, refusing to release them to anyone until every scrap of evidence is gathered. Nobody, be they colleague, boss and certainly not DS ‘Dibble’ will prevent Eddie from doing his job to the utmost. It seems the two men have set off on the wrong foot (even if they have met before) and Eddie is not one to let it go easily… Meanwhile, Eddie has matched a name to the body. It is John Tyler, a victim of domestic abuse who only recently came forward to make a statement. Tyler gave permission for CSI to take photographs of his body and face as evidence – showing the bite marks all over it. There is more worrying stuff for Eddie because back in his office he finds a letter waiting for him saying “your going to die tonight.”  Bad spelling indeed! Should the letter be dismissed or is it a real threat considering the apparent fury behind the stab marks on the note?

| My Thoughts |

If you like your detective or CSI to be the man in the perfectly fitting suit, using his grey cells rather than his fists and never to be accused of bad language … this is most definitely not your book! With Eddie Collins, Andrew Barrett created a true-to-life character with his foul-mouthedness and his downright rude behaviour towards colleagues and superiors. Sometimes Eddie is Mr Grumpy himself, other times he is apparently quite the ladies man.  Even if you cannot stand his attitude from time to time and would want to urge him to, for once, try to be nice, you just have to love him. This punchy short story is excellently written and at times pretty gruesome. There is so much in it, it is hard to believe it is only 60 pages because it has everything: the creepy intro, the fearful situations and the shocker! I cannot divulge more, you have to read it for yourself! Meanwhile, I am holding my breath for the fifth instalment in the CSI Eddie Collins Series – a thriller to look forward to!

| About the Author |

Andrew Barrett Author Image

Andrew Barrett is a crime and thriller writer based in West Yorkshire. Since the 1990s he has written several novels and short stories, all set in northern England. Also, he has co-written a number of television scripts. Andrew’s novels focus on the world of Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs). Andrew offers a unique insight into this dark landscape, making good use of his expertise as a Senior CSI to “envelop the reader in exciting yet realistic stories.” Among his books are the Roger Conniston Series consisting of 3 books and the Eddie Collins Series consisting of now 4 books as well as two additional short stories. The four books are:
#1 The Third Rule
#2 Black by Rose
#3 Sword of Damocles
#4 Ledston Luck  (my review)

| Book Info |

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 Paperback   98 pages
 Publisher   Independently published (4 May 2017)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1521181977
 ISBN-13   978-1521181973

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