• Letters to the Pianist - S.D. Mayes - 3D book cover
    Fiction,  Historical

    Letters to the Pianist – S.D. Mayes

    Letters to the Pianist is S.D. Mayes fascinating, gripping, emotive, and harrowing tale of a family torn apart in wartime London – of a plucky daughter on a quest to keep her family together, to find her father – of a man without memory, who discovers his talent and falls into a bed of roses. Roses have ugly thorns though and in this case, carry a gruesome legacy… Introduction London, 1941. Despite the danger, Joseph Goldberg is adamant their family, with their three children, Ruth, Hannah, and Gabi, stays together. One fateful night, the family home is bombed. Life changes dramatically for the children – without parents, they have to live with an aunt and uncle. Unluckily…