• I Am... Ceartas Advocacy Creative Writing Group Book Cover

    I Am… – Ceartas Creative Writing Group

    I Am… absolutely thrilled and honoured to be part of raising awareness for independent Advocacy by taking part in the book blog tour for I AM…. An interesting, enlightening, and touching Anthology, a bundle of stories and poems by members of the Ceartas Creative Writing Group under the inspiring and motivating guidance of Ceartas’ writer in residence, Donna Moore. Introduction ‘Raising awareness of Independent Advocacy by giving individuals a voice’ Ceartas Advocacy Ceartas Advocacy is a marvellous institution providing Independent Advocacy to adults by prioritising working with those who have particular support needs. Ceartas Advocacy is a member of the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance. The introduction to this remarkable book…

  • Remember - Shervin Jamali - 3D book cover
    Metaphysical & Visionary

    Remember – Shervin Jamali

    Remember is such an outstanding story – it left me crying. A love story with an extraordinary and dark twist, a harsh reality and a hidden past… death, destruction and devastation but also joy, happiness and love.., Remember is magical and inspiring and makes you believe in love – in soulmates, in destiny. Introduction  “The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong at the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway, author & journalist (1899-1861) A husband sitting at his wife’s deathbed. What time do they have left together? Too soon, Gracie is no more and Daniel is completely devastated. With her dying breath, Gracie told him about their eight grandchildren –…